Sometimes, in the space that exists between dream and reality, a strange energy is born and slowly begins to fill and expand within my mind. Mysterious contours take shape, altering their form and colour.
This state of mind all at once frightens and entices me in, and with the sensation of falling into the abyss, I surrender to it. This whimsical world bears little resemblance to reality as we know it, instead ignores the bounds of gravity, space and time.
It exists without aligning itself with the ordinary world which from here appears dull and gray. This world, my world, is magnificent and complete.
And then, the moment of return. Perhaps an astronautís descent to earth might relate the feeling of gravityís reclaim after the radiant vastness of space.
Anew, I am surrounded in my studio by the customary objects and accessories of an artistís den. Brush in hand, I stand before a naked canvas; emptiness the only separation.